• I've been working on this game called Quest Of Raziya. Which I originally wanted to make in PetitComputer, but I decided to take elsewhere because Unity has a ton more options. But I remembered I made a bunch of letters and numbers in PetitComputer. So I imported every character I made to my PC, but they're all in .PTC files and I don't have anything that reads PTCs. There's PTCUtilities, but it's prone to crashes I've heard, I'm wary of the link provided because someone said that link had a virus. Is there any other way with safer software I can view my PTC files and perhaps convert them into PNGs or something I can make a text¬†font out of?

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    • J8B

      No virus, don't be afraid, use the official link here :

      Don't forget to install QuickTime or QTLite if you use Windows or it doesn't work.

      Sometimes PTCUtilities can crash but only in certain conditions so you can avoid them. I never had a problem to have my CHRs on my PC.

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    • PTCUtilities has only really crashed for me if I try to copy-paste multiple lines of code many times, so avoid that (which shouldn't be an issue of you are just trying to get CHR files. Just load the CHR and click "export as image" or whatever the option says.

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