• Wow, I haven't been here in a really long time. It's nostalgic coming back to... ...everything I said I'd start but never did. A belated sorry about all those cancelled projects.

    It's so weird coming back here after so long- I remember a thread where I revealed I was 11 at the time (13 now wahoo) without knowing that you had to be at least 13 to be here, lol. Thanks for not blocking me off the Wikia for that, too. This is the thread.

    I don't do a whole lot now, but of course, I'm only the age I am. I do a little art, I stream on, I've got more online friends who I absolutely love and couldn't afford to lose (big shout-out to Lynxe, Tygrii, Zander, JamieKun, and Sans; I love you guys so much!) and I make a little music now and then.

    Just thought I'd stop by after so long and see what's still happening, and if the wikia's still alive, if not slowly dying.

    Hopefully this sparks a nice thread.

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    • No one remembers you because no one lives here anymore.

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    • Nah, not so pessimistic.

      I guess for the few still using this program there is just no reason to post stuff.

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    • I remember you guys. So coincidental that a weirdo (me) is here

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    • Well I'm actually updating Mario Maker PTC currently. I was just hoping to see the game reach at least one more big update that was planned. Maybe after that the people who still go and check that page to this day can push it further than me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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