The Life Engine

General Info
Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Contributor(s): Sonny
Release Date: May 16th, 2014
Development Status: Complete
Version: Final
Size: 18 KB
Mode(s): Single-Player
Language(s): English

A short but sweet game that teaches you how to live life.


You play minigames that teach you nice lessons about life :)


The Free-Use License

Copyright (c) 2014 Sonny Studios

In downloading this program, permission is given to ANY and ALL users to use and edit this software. However, this software may NOT be redistributed to ANYONE without permission from Sonnyb, even if unedited. If this is ignored, the redistributed program will be reported and deleted ASAP.

This software comes AS IS. It comes with NO warranty whatsoever. If the program does not work as expected, the user MAY report the problem to Sonnyb, but NO certainty is given that it will be fixed. Sonnyb is NOT responsible for ANY damages, including but not limited to the user's device and/or the software due to misuse.

The software name "The Life Engine" belongs completely to Sonnyb, and may NOT be used as a name for ANY other program.

If this software is redistributed rightly according to the regulations of this license, the redistributor is REQUIRED to include this license with his/her copy of "The Life Engine," along with a link to the original program. The user is also required to give a disclaimer, stating that he/she is NOT the original creator of the software, and give credit appropriately.

Upcoming Updates

Post-Release Update 1

  • More polished Minigame menu.
  • Supports new project.

Post-Release Update 2 (Might not happen but :P)

  • First step in turning this into an actual game.


I REALLY hope you have a good time with this game ;)


And now... the download


First of the program.


Second of the program.


Third QR of program.