This is a Web Browser where you can search whatever you want! Pexplorer (a combination of "Petit" and "Internet Explorer") may not be a permanent name, but that is what it will stay as for a while. I hope you enjoy this demo of what the program will be like!

I fixed those two small imperfections that used to be listed here...


There are now a few things you search for, though the only ones with actual search pages are TIME, FLAPPY, and PEOPLE (don't ask me how I pick the words).  In the search menu, typing "BGMPLAY" following a space and the number of the song you want to play, it will play it. All of the searches each show a feature that the other ones didn't, and soon these features will be applied to all searches made through Pexplorer. If you choose URL, there are special URLs that are displayed throughout Pexplorer that you can type in to instantly go to the desired location. The code shows all working searches and URLs if you want to go there.

Also, the NEW FONT (hint hint: search wise) is similar to "NOVAFONT" in the letters and numbers, but it is not exactly like it, so it is still MY special font that I implemented into this program.  If you visit the special webpage I put just for it, you will see some new characters I put into the font.

Thanks for any comments, questions, or concerns with the program. Like with the QR codes, which is one of the reasons I thought of releasing 0.3.5 earlier. Oh the irony! I think the earliest time I can release it is late August. I am truly sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.


Alpha 0.3.5

  • Added PXPLR font
  • Added Calculator
  • More searches
  • Improved some imperfections
  • Going to start Refining the "Similar to" App

Alpha 0.3

  • Added Definition App
  • Added Search "FLAPPY"
  • Header Bug Fixed
  • Added "Similar to" App
  • Added Placeholder for Advertisements (for Other Petit Computer Games)

Future Plans

Alpha 0.4

  • Add more searches
  • Refine "Similar to" App
  • Begin Advertisement Software

Alpha 0.5

  • Add even MORE SEARCHES
  • Look into fixing Header bug
  • Add Footers into a variety of locations

Videos and Screenshots



Qr 1


Qr 2


Qr 3


Qr 4


No license applied as of now.


There is a small Header bug (not that much of an issue) where it is not resetting the time; it is only saying the time it is when you first entered the menu. This may or may not be fixed.


List anyone who worked on this game.