PTCUtilities is a Windows/Mac program that allows for:

  • Importing PTC files and QR codes for desktop editing.
  • QR code generation from desktop-edited code
  • PRG/GRP/CHR/SCR/COL editing

Using PTCUtilties, BASIC programs can be composed on a desktop computer and then imported directly into Petit Computer.

Known Glitches:

  • PTCUtilties frequently crashes when pasting code into the editor. Blank spaces at the end of a line of code may cause crashes, as PTCUtitilies "proofreads" each line of text as it is pasted in.

Note: To help stop crashing, edit your program code in Notepad, Wordpad, Word, or other such program, then           drag/drop the program onto the PRG Editor button in PTC Utilities.  I have had NO crashes that way.

PTCUtilities Site & Download Link:

Note: PTCUtilities requires QuickTime Codecs in order to import images for CHR Editor.  You can either install the full QuickTime program or use QTLite.

PTCUtilities Unofficial Installers:

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