Indications are, DEG in SmileBasic V1 is identical to that in V2.


DEG(number) is a function which takes a number representing an angle measured in radians, and gives a result which is the angle measured in degrees.

DEG is interesting in that it exposes that Petit Computer V2 implements more sophisticated calculations "behind the scenes" than can be achieved directly. For example, DEG(9100) gives 521391.593505859375, very close to the true value of approx. 521391.593569 (in fact, it is as close as you can get with the fixed-point values used in Petit Computer). Calculating 9100*180/PI() gives an error Overflow, whereas calculating 9100/PI()*180 gives 521430.6005859375, which is off by about 39.

This function is conceptually the inverse of the RAD function. Apart from rounding issues preventing this from being actually the case, DEG may produce negative results, and results greater than 361, which cannot be used as a parameter to RAD.


Indications are, DEG in SmileBasic V3 is identical to that in V2 (except the comments above, relating to the fixed-point representation of numbers in V2, do not apply).