The following is a table showing relationships between numerical values and characters, as in the ASC and CHR$ functions. Despite the suggestive name of the ASC function, this relationship is somewhat different from ASCII: The first 32 characters are symbols, not control characters, and 127 is \, not DEL. (92 is the Yen symbol). There are also an aditional 128 characters, most of which are japanese and symbols. 

00x00Character &H00null (NUL)
10x01Character &H01A game button [SOH]
20x02Character &H02B game button [STX]
30x03Character &H03bricks [ETX]
40x04Character &H04spaceship 1 [EOT]
50x05Character &H05spaceship 2 [ENQ]
60x06Character &H06space invader 1 [ACK]
70x07Character &H07face, outlined [BEL]
80x08Character &H08face, filled [BS]
90x09Character &H09tab (symbol only) [HT]
100x0ACharacter &H0Afilled 5-pointed star [LF]
110x0BCharacter &H0Bfist, pointing right [VT]
120x0CCharacter &H0CL game button [FF]
130x0DCharacter &H0Dreturn (symbol only) [CR]
140x0ECharacter &H0EUFO [SO]
150x0FCharacter &H0Fspace invader 2 [SI]
160x10Character &H10musical note [DLE]
170x11Character &H11double musical note [DC1]
180x12Character &H12R game button [DC2]
190x13Character &H13D-pad [DC3]
200x14Character &H14clock [DC4]
210x15Character &H15top-and-left dashed line [NAK]
220x16Character &H16top dashed line [SYN]
230x17Character &H17left dashed line [ETB]
240x18Character &H18X game button [CAN]
250x19Character &H19Y game button [EM]
260x1ACharacter &H1Acircle-within-circle: circle pad, or "niju maru" (excellent) [SUB]
270x1BCharacter &H1Bsnake [ESC]
280x1CCharacter &H1Cright arrow [FS]
290x1DCharacter &H1Dleft arrow [GS]
300x1ECharacter &H1Eup arrow [RS]
310x1FCharacter &H1Fdown arrow [US]
320x20Character &H20space
330x21Character &H21!
340x22Character &H22"
350x23Character &H23#
360x24Character &H24$
370x25Character &H25%
380x26Character &H26&
390x27Character &H27'
400x28Character &H28(
410x29Character &H29)
420x2ACharacter &H2A*
430x2BCharacter &H2B+
440x2CCharacter &H2C,
450x2DCharacter &H2D-
460x2ECharacter &H2E.
470x2FCharacter &H2F/
480x30Character &H300
490x31Character &H311
500x32Character &H322
510x33Character &H333
520x34Character &H344
530x35Character &H355
540x36Character &H366
550x37Character &H377
560x38Character &H388
570x39Character &H399
580x3ACharacter &H3A:
590x3BCharacter &H3B;
600x3CCharacter &amp;H3C<
610x3DCharacter &amp;H3D =
620x3ECharacter &amp;H3E>
630x3FCharacter &amp;H3F?
640x40Character &amp;H40@
650x41Character &amp;H41A
660x42Character &amp;H42B
670x43Character &amp;H43C
680x44Character &amp;H44D
690x45Character &amp;H45E
700x46Character &amp;H46F
710x47Character &amp;H47G
720x48Character &amp;H48H
730x49Character &amp;H49I
740x4ACharacter &amp;H4AJ
750x4BCharacter &amp;H4BK
760x4CCharacter &amp;H4CL
770x4DCharacter &amp;H4DM
780x4ECharacter &amp;H4EN
790x4FCharacter &amp;H4FO
800x50Character &amp;H50P
810x51Character &amp;H51Q
820x52Character &amp;H52R
830x53Character &amp;H53S
840x54Character &amp;H54T
850x55Character &amp;H55U
860x56Character &amp;H56V
870x57Character &amp;H57W
880x58Character &amp;H58X
890x59Character &amp;H59Y
900x5ACharacter &amp;H5AZ
910x5BCharacter &amp;H5B[
920x5CCharacter &amp;H5CYen symbol [\]¥
930x5DCharacter &amp;H5D]
940x5ECharacter &amp;H5E^
950x5FCharacter &amp;H5F_
960x60Character &amp;H60`
970x61Character &amp;H61a
980x62Character &amp;H62b
990x63Character &amp;H63c
1000x64Character &amp;H64d
1010x65Character &amp;H65e
1020x66Character &amp;H66f
1030x67Character &amp;H67g
1040x68Character &amp;H68h
1050x69Character &amp;H69i
1060x6ACharacter &amp;H6Aj
1070x6BCharacter &amp;H6Bk
1080x6CCharacter &amp;H6Cl
1090x6DCharacter &amp;H6Dm
1100x6ECharacter &amp;H6En
1110x6FCharacter &amp;H6Fo
1120x70Character &amp;H70p
1130x71Character &amp;H71q
1140x72Character &amp;H72r
1150x73Character &amp;H73s
1160x74Character &amp;H74t
1170x75Character &amp;H75u
1180x76Character &amp;H76v
1190x77Character &amp;H77w
1200x78Character &amp;H78x
1210x79Character &amp;H79y
1220x7ACharacter &amp;H7Az
1230x7BCharacter &amp;H7B{
1240x7CCharacter &amp;H7C| (broken vertical bar)|
1250x7DCharacter &amp;H7D}
1260x7ECharacter &amp;H7E~
1270x7FCharacter &amp;H7F\ [DEL]
1280x80Character &amp;H80empty diamond
1290x81Character &amp;H81top-left quadrant block
1300x82Character &amp;H82top-right quadrant block
1310x83Character &amp;H83top quadrant blocks
1320x84Character &amp;H84bottom-left quadrant block
1330x85Character &amp;H85left quadrant blocks
1340x86Character &amp;H86top-right and bottom-left quadrant blocks
1350x87Character &amp;H87top and left quadrant blocks
1360x88Character &amp;H88bottom-right quadrant block
1370x89Character &amp;H89top-left and bottom-right quadrant blocks
1380x8ACharacter &amp;H8Aright quadrant blocks
1390x8BCharacter &amp;H8Btop and right quadrant blocks
1400x8CCharacter &amp;H8Cbottom quadrant blocks
1410x8DCharacter &amp;H8Dbottom and left quadrant blocks
1420x8ECharacter &amp;H8Ebottom and right quadrant blocks
1430x8FCharacter &amp;H8Fall quadrant blocks
1440x90Character &amp;H90line drawing: top, left, right
1450x91Character &amp;H91line drawing: left, right, bottom
1460x92Character &amp;H92line drawing: top, right, bottom
1470x93Character &amp;H93line drawing: top, left, right, bottom
1480x94Character &amp;H94line drawing: top, left, bottom
1490x95Character &amp;H95line drawing: left, right
1500x96Character &amp;H96line drawing: top, bottom
1510x97Character &amp;H97filled box (fills entire character)
1520x98Character &amp;H98line drawing: right, bottom┌ 
1530x99Character &amp;H99line drawing: left, bottom
1540x9ACharacter &amp;H9Aline drawing: top, right
1550x9BCharacter &amp;H9Bline drawing: top, left
1560x9CCharacter &amp;H9Clower-right filled triangle
1570x9DCharacter &amp;H9Dlower-left filled triangle
1580x9ECharacter &amp;H9Eupper-right filled triangle
1590x9FCharacter &amp;H9Fupper-left filled triangle
1600xA0Character &amp;HA0fullwidth tilde
1610xA1Character &amp;HA1halfwidth ideographic full stop
1620xA2Character &amp;HA2halfwidth left corner bracket
1630xA3Character &amp;HA3halfwidth right corner bracket
1640xA4Character &amp;HA4halfwidth ideographic comma
1650xA5Character &amp;HA5halfwidth katakana middle dot
1660xA6Character &amp;HA6halfwidth katakana letter wo
1670xA7Character &amp;HA7halfwidth katakana letter small a
1680xA8Character &amp;HA8halfwidth katakana letter small i
1690xA9Character &amp;HA9halfwidth katakana letter small u
1700xAACharacter &amp;HAAhalfwidth katakana letter small e
1710xABCharacter &amp;HABhalfwidth katakana letter small o
1720xACCharacter &amp;HAChalfwidth katakana letter small ya
1730xADCharacter &amp;HADhalfwidth katakana letter small yu
1740xAECharacter &amp;HAEhalfwidth katakana letter small yo
1750xAFCharacter &amp;HAFhalfwidth katakana letter small tu
1760xB0Character &amp;HB0halfwidth katakana prolonged sound mark
1770xB1Character &amp;HB1halfwidth katakana letter a
1780xB2Character &amp;HB2halfwidth katakana letter i
1790xB3Character &amp;HB3halfwidth katakana letter u
1800xB4Character &amp;HB4halfwidth katakana letter e
1810xB5Character &amp;HB5halfwidth katakana letter o
1820xB6Character &amp;HB6halfwidth katakana letter ka
1830xB7Character &amp;HB7halfwidth katakana letter ki
1840xB8Character &amp;HB8halfwidth katakana letter ku
1850xB9Character &amp;HB9halfwidth katakana letter ke
1860xBACharacter &amp;HBAhalfwidth katakana letter ko
1870xBBCharacter &amp;HBBhalfwidth katakana letter sa
1880xBCCharacter &amp;HBChalfwidth katakana letter si
1890xBDCharacter &amp;HBDhalfwidth katakana letter su
1900xBECharacter &amp;HBEhalfwidth katakana letter se
1910xBFCharacter &amp;HBFhalfwidth katakana letter soソ
1920xC0Character &amp;HC0halfwidth katakana letter ta
1930xC1Character &amp;HC1halfwidth katakana letter ti
1940xC2Character &amp;HC2halfwidth katakana letter tu
1950xC3Character &amp;HC3halfwidth katakana letter te
1960xC4Character &amp;HC4halfwidth katakana letter to
1970xC5Character &amp;HC5halfwidth katakana letter na
1980xC6Character &amp;HC6halfwidth katakana letter ni
1990xC7Character &amp;HC7halfwidth katakana letter nu
2000xC8Character &amp;HC8halfwidth katakana letter ne
2010xC9Character &amp;HC9halfwidth katakana letter no
2020xCACharacter &amp;HCAhalfwidth katakana letter ha
2030xCBCharacter &amp;HCBhalfwidth katakana letter hi
2040xCCCharacter &amp;HCChalfwidth katakana letter hu
2050xCDCharacter &amp;HCDhalfwidth katakana letter he
2060xCECharacter &amp;HCEhalfwidth katakana letter ho
2070xCFCharacter &amp;HCFhalfwidth katakana letter ma
2080xD0Character &amp;HD0halfwidth katakana letter mi
2090xD1Character &amp;HD1halfwidth katakana letter mu
2100xD2Character &amp;HD2halfwidth katakana letter me
2110xD3Character &amp;HD3halfwidth katakana letter mo
2120xD4Character &amp;HD4halfwidth katakana letter ya
2130xD5Character &amp;HD5halfwidth katakana letter yu
2140xD6Character &amp;HD6halfwidth katakana letter yo
2150xD7Character &amp;HD7halfwidth katakana letter ra
2160xD8Character &amp;HD8halfwidth katakana letter ri
2170xD9Character &amp;HD9halfwidth katakana letter ru
2180xDACharacter &amp;HDAhalfwidth katakana letter re
2190xDBCharacter &amp;HDBhalfwidth katakana letter ro
2200xDCCharacter &amp;HDChalfwidth katakana letter wa
2210xDDCharacter &amp;HDDhalfwidth katakana letter n
2220xDECharacter &amp;HDEhalfwidth katakana voiced sound mark
2230xDFCharacter &amp;HDFhalfwidth katakana semi-voiced sound mark
2240xE0Character &amp;HE0filled box
2250xE1Character &amp;HE1filled circle
2260xE2Character &amp;HE2filled upward-pointing triangle
2270xE3Character &amp;HE3filled downward-pointing triangle
2280xE4Character &amp;HE4empty box
2290xE5Character &amp;HE5empty circle, or "maru" (good)
2300xE6Character &amp;HE6empty upward-pointing triangle, or "sankaku" (average)
2310xE7Character &amp;HE7empty downward-pointing triangle
2320xE8Character &amp;HE8house
2330xE9Character &amp;HE9apple
2340xEACharacter &amp;HEADoor
2350xEBCharacter &amp;HEBKey
2360xECCharacter &amp;HECracecar, pointing up
2370xEDCharacter &amp;HEDracecar, pointing right
2380xEECharacter &amp;HEEracecar, pointing down
2390xEFCharacter &amp;HEFracecar, pointing left
2400xF0Character &amp;HF0spades
2410xF1Character &amp;HF1hearts
2420xF2Character &amp;HF2diamonds
2430xF3Character &amp;HF3clubs
2440xF4Character &amp;HF4stick figure, head pointing up
2450xF5Character &amp;HF5stick figure, head pointing right
2460xF6Character &amp;HF6stick figure, head pointing down
2470xF7Character &amp;HF7stick figure, head pointing left
2480xF8Character &amp;HF8solid line, top side
2490xF9Character &amp;HF9solid line, left side
2500xFACharacter &amp;HFAsolid line, right side
2510xFBCharacter &amp;HFBsolid line, bottom
2520xFCCharacter &amp;HFCdiagonal line, bottom-left to top-right (/)
2530xFDCharacter &amp;HFDdiagonal line, top-left to bottom-right (\)
2540xFECharacter &amp;HFEdiagonal lines crossing (X), or "batsu" (bad)
2550xFFCharacter &amp;HFFgrey square