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Minxrod Minxrod 31 July 2023

False authors

It's not really that surprising when you think about it, but there have been a couple pages where I find that the author listed was modified or incorrect, seemingly intentionally. This page will track the pages where I know this issue occurred.

This post is also a reminder to myself for the future to check pages more closely to see if there are any more of these...

  • NIGHT RACE - original submitter claiming credit was not the author
  • Attack on Titan Tribute Game - modified a few years after submission by a seemingly random user

Do more exist? I have no idea, I found both of these by accident. I suspect there may be more, hence this post. If you uploaded programs here at some point, check your own pages to see if they are correct.

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Minxrod Minxrod 7 June 2023

Extension ideas

At this point I think it's clear that some very cool things are possible via PTC-ASM or similarly designed projects. Here's a list of other idea's I've had that I'm not likely to implement (at least not soon) but I believe would be possible if someone wanted to try.

  • GTRI function

This probably wouldn't be too hard to implement. The only "tricky" part would probably just be dealing with pixelCHR coordinates (efficiently at least). Even so, this idea is pretty straightforward.

  • PRG* functions

I suspect this would be possible based on the format of program data being a bunch of separate lines. This would be still somewhat complicated for a couple of reasons - one is that there's some sort of processing step that converts functions, commands etc. i…

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Minxrod Minxrod 22 February 2023

Some function notes

More notes about internal stuff. This is once again not a complete page, but may still be useful.

All of the following information is for a USA copy of Petit Computer 2.2.

There is a function at 0x01ff9a54. This seems to be the "evaluate one expression" function. It accepts a pointer to the "main/DIRECT DU" and returns an error code if necessary (or 0 for success).

There is a function at 0x01ff9d90. This seems to skip spaces, as far as I can tell, with some sort of unclear extra logic relating to how much can be read? This also takes a pointer to the main DU, and returns a value indicating whether or not the last character was a space (maybe?) that seems to usually be ignored?

There is a function at 0x01ffa160 that takes 3 arguments. This seem…

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Minxrod Minxrod 12 January 2023

More memory research

This isn't complete enough to get a page yet, but it's still interesting and worth sharing so let's write down some of the memory regions.

Disclaimer: Double check the addresses - some of them end up off by a bit if I misread a structure or forget to check the main DU address

A note about these pointers: These all point to what I am calling "Data Units" because the start of each is 0x44,0x55,0x00,0x00 "DU\0\0" followed by a size, a pointer to the previous/next unit, and a pointer to the next/previous unit. It looks like a doubly-linked list, maybe it's related to memory allocation? Some of these addresses/sizes may change if you load/save files. My (successful) tests always go Launch PTC -> Write Program. If I scan a QR code first, it seems …

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Minxrod Minxrod 23 December 2022

Remaining PTC Projects II

It seems my previous post is somewhat lacking in the stuff I've been doing lately, so this is the sequel focused on projects for PTC instead of projects in PTC.

  • 1 The list:
    • 1.1 PTC-Interpreter and PTC-EmukII -
    • 1.2 Partial-SSEQ-Player -
    • 1.3 PTCTools -
    • 1.4 Research into petit-compwner related ideas
  • 2 Summary

Since my last post, PTC-Interpreter was started, stalled, and completely recreated as PTC-EmkII. Currently, it supports a pretty solid amount of the sample programs, and has decent compatibility with some other programs as well. I know Tales From The Labyrinth and Village both run, but have some issues. Updates have slowed down whil…

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Sparkystream Sparkystream 21 October 2022

Oh gosh!

So, I made this account on 9/12/2013 it seems ...

I can track my edits back to September 2013 but it seems that Fandom is too shitty to show one's join date anymore, so I'm going with my memory that it's 9/12 (I specifically waited until after 9/11, I'm pretty sure).

Gosh, that's 9 years ago: I was 12!

Maybe I'll remember that now that I've written it down? Perhaps not. It's nice to remember how long I knew those, though.

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Rhombidandy Rhombidandy 3 April 2020

How active is the Petit Computer community these days?

There's like an achievement badgey thingy whatever for making a blog post, so I might as well ask this here. Do people still use this thing, or has everyone moved on to SmileBasic and this place is just some kind of ghost town now?

I don't have a 3DS, and I'm still waiting for the localization of the Switch version... sigh.

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자 이민 자 이민 23 March 2020

any OGs left ?

7 years ago, when i was 11 years old, i saw an ad for petit computer somewhere online. i've always been interested in computers and programming and when i discovered the program, a cheap app that allowed you to write your own apps and games directly from your 3DS/i for less than $10 i was all over it; bought it as soon as my dad got me an eshop gift card. i toyed around with it a little bit on my own before stumbling upon this community. i scanned some QR codes, made some cool little apps of my own and contributed to a few others. although the program itself was pretty cool and unique, the community at that time was great. small, cooperative (for the most part) and pretty mature given most of us being in middle school or just starting high…

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Minxrod Minxrod 7 November 2018

Remaining PTC Projects

Guess I'll post something about all the stuff I am working on or need to finish. Might as well figure out what to focus on. (this is more or less a to-do list)

I still want to finish this - I've been fixing parts of it, but haven't had a great deal of time to focus on this. Right now, the editor is fine, but the gameplay is glitchy and getting it to run at full speed is difficult. If I can solidify the enemy physics, it would actually be very close to done - but I'm struggling getting physics to work correctly.

I actually have some ideas for my old game - I haven't finalized any of them, but a few new modes and some HUGE optimizations could be added. At some point I would like to create this as a phone game, since the design of it is fairly …

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Ddayton Ddayton 13 October 2017

It's STILL Alive!

Great news -- you folks are getting along just well without me.

Back to not programming...

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Desaeta Desaeta 12 June 2017

Basic Test Megadump

  • 1 A massive collection of little tests!
  • 2 FLIPS
  • 3 HOP
  • 4 PAINT
  • 6 SHOOT
  • 7 SHOOT2
  • 8 SWAP
  • 9 WALK

Throughout my time of using Petit Computer, I've learned plenty of things, many of which have been invaluable to later projects. Sometimes, I put these things into practice through tiny little tests that I'll never release. But sometimes, I make bigger, more ambitious, tests. These may never become fully developed games at my own hands, but maybe somebody else can take over or use the code for their own purposes.

These projects deviate from my standard Desaeta License that I apply to all of my completed projects. All of these are completely free for you to use. I could care less if you call these your own and …

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JokerTheDog JokerTheDog 5 June 2017

PTC ideas that I had recently

I've actually done a lot, but nothing ultimately impressive. I DO, however, have some ideas I might try.

(BOLD - Working on it now!)

(Italicized - maybe, maybe not...)

(Normal - suggested in comments!)

  • Wing Commander PTC
  • Demo for an RPG I'm working on (will release soon!!!!!)
  • A maze game
  • A really, really sad visual novel
  • Final Fantasy I PTC

Do you like my list? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? Comment!!

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Jack Akkiarto Jack Akkiarto 23 January 2017

RPG Editor Part 4

Just a short update on how everything is going so far.

There are still some difficulties combinig the different parts.

Right now there are a lot of unexpected errors combining the map editor with the quest system, so it is easy to define a trigger area for various events.

So it will probably need like between one or two months until the first video will be released, showing the possibilities of the different program parts.

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J8B J8B 22 January 2017

J8B's Virtual Bébête, Work in progress

Hi, it's J8B,

I'm working on a project called "Virtual Bébête" for Petit Computer.
The principle of the game is a sort of a virtual pet/sim's life, so it will be very long to finish.
A lot of mini games are planned to win money or study or find love...
There are 9 places to visit that have each 4 rooms.
For the moment, i made all the moves in the different places, you can pee, take a bath, play two card's games at home(one of them is poker), you can go to the casino and play a sort of craps, roulette and poker(same at home) and bet money.
Actually, i work on the first job of the casino, which consists of interrogating 3 suspects to find the one who cheated at the games.

For fun, i draw this cover:

For screenshoots: click here
Official page (in Fre…

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Jack Akkiarto Jack Akkiarto 7 November 2016

RPG Editor Part 3

A few information about how the Editor works:

Control: The character is controlled with a gcircle drawn on the touch panel to achieve more directions of movement.The buttons are used to switch weapons and use items or skills, to roll or to aim (with range skills)

{This is connected to the skill and item database}

Item: Here you can configure the Item with picture,the color, the rotation, the parameters influenced by the item, buffs or debuffs,values, stacks and some more.

{buffs and debuffs are connected to the skill database}

Skill: Parameters for the skills are picture,color,rotation,animation with animationspeed, skill range, flying speed if ranged, hitbox, cost, buffs and debuffs,hitanimation, damage, cooldowns, requirements etc.

{here we ha…

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Jack Akkiarto Jack Akkiarto 20 October 2016

RPG Editor Part 2

I have finished the open world map System,it uses scred files, so you have no endless loading time in or before the game.

The problem is that it uses a lot of scr files, so it means a lot of download work, but it is pretty easy to append a screen on the left or right side or wherever you want in the map, so make a dlc or a new map part for a sidequest for example should be very easy.

I am also going on connecting different data bases.

For exampls you have one program to define skills with hitbox, animation, damage, etc. and one program where you can make data for an enemy, but now you can connect the ability to the enemy.

I also made this with items and quests.

I will probably release a demo part to show how it looks like and how it will work.

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Jack Akkiarto Jack Akkiarto 28 August 2016

RPG Editor

Short announcement,

i am working on a RPG Editor right now.

More infos and some screenshots following soon.

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Redstonehighway Redstonehighway 13 August 2016

How can I make a time variable

I want to make a time variable for my games, for example you can buy 3 drinks from a vending machine a day. How can I make to where you have to wait tomorrow to buy 3 more drinks. Please tell me the lines of code

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Re028tro Re028tro 26 March 2016

I'm not dead

Hallo :3 u guys might remember, but I might seem like a stranger to the n00bees. I'm an OG who used to go by Bug, but because of my intense use of alternating caps, I had several mispronunciation or misspelling of my name. I was suspended by the m0dz in 2014 (i think) for cursing but that didn't last long before I returned under the same alias.  I'm not going to be active 24/7, or at all. I just thought it would be kewl to look back at my past, and this community will forever be a part of my history. I also wanted to let my fello OGs know I'm not dead lol soooooo ya  ;peace

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SlackerPrime SlackerPrime 15 December 2015

An Important PSA

Some of you seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that SmileBASIC has been out in NA for 2 months, and in Japan for a little over a year (maybe that's because it hasn't droppen in EU yet, who knows?) For our new SmileBASIC-oriented community, visit

Your friend, Mr. Snail.

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Gamerandom Gamerandom 26 November 2015

Nothing else...? Really?

Hello, everyone; I'm creating this blog post because I want to know if there are people working in PTC projects. I guess, 99% of people are in SmileBasic projects; I'm wrong?

This Wikia is so empty right now; no new pages, no new blog posts, only a few comments a nothing else...

I have a lot of PTC projects more but I don't know if work in them or stop them...

I want to know your opinion, please. ;-)

Gamerandom (talk) 19:57, November 26, 2015 (UTC)

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NateDogg1232 NateDogg1232 22 November 2015


WELP,  since nobody else is posting anything, I might as well, so... HELLO THERE, HOW'S IT GOING!, IS LIFE TREATING YOU WELL??!?!!?

oh. well that's good.

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Sparkystream Sparkystream 22 November 2015

what is that

who is you



did it just say this is already uploaded who the heck

this image is hot

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Gamerandom Gamerandom 7 November 2015

ONAF2 PTC - Electronic manual

Welcome! This blog-post is an electronic manual of One Night at Flumpty's 2 PTC. This page containts important information, the licence, disclaimer and indications of the game; please be sure to read it all before start playing!:

  • 1 Important info
    • 1.1 Disclaimer
    • 1.2 Legal information
    • 1.3 Licence
  • 2 Files of the game
    • 2.1 Memory data
    • 2.2 Fast set-up
      • 2.2.1 Comprovation of the files
      • 2.2.2 Delete memory data
      • 2.2.3 Wirless comunication
  • 3 Errors
    • 3.1 Red screen errors
    • 3.2 Blue screen errors
  • 4 Support
  • 5 Last modification of this manual

This game is a non-official conversion of One Night at Flumpty's 2 fan-made game by Jonochrome. This game isn't created by Jonochrome and it haven't got any relation with the original game.

At the same time: One Night at Flumpty's 2 is inspirated by …

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Gamerandom Gamerandom 22 October 2015

From PTC to Steam

Well, araving at this situation, I'm happy to say that I'm programing some PTC in PC, and in the future I want to release him in some online shops, like Steam. Is not an easy or a short work (its obvious). For now, this are the games planned:

My first game that I released in this wikia, I want to apply the next feature:

  • 99 Combo mode
  • Endless mode with online rankings
  • Friends list and records exchange or online live competition.
  • Special stages, like a "777" stage like a casino
  • Modern-office stylish graphics.

Features planeed:

  • 365 days of history
  • More than 100 different dreams (planeed for now)
  • To many forms to get out the current dream... or get an epic jumpscare in your face.
  • Claustrophobic style
  • Maybe it can be a good idea to get the support of the O…

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NintendoFanFever NintendoFanFever 19 September 2015

Should i continue Updating fighters?? -News

I WILL CONTINUE FIGHTERS. Thanks for your votes. :D

  • I need helpers.

Never mind.

That is all the news for now! bye

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Ddayton Ddayton 5 September 2015


It appears this place is still alive.


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Gamerandom Gamerandom 4 September 2015

More information about One Night at Flumpty's 2 PTC

  • 1 Release date:
  • 2 Game History 
  • 3 Gameplay information
    • 3.1 Extras
  • 4 Changelog
    • 4.1 Prototype version
    • 4.2 Alpha
  • 5 Bugs/Glichtes
  • 6 Disclaimer and Legal information about this game:
    • 6.1 Disclaimer:
    • 6.2 Legal information:
    • 6.3 Warnings & notes:
  • 7 Electronic eManual
  • 8 Videos
  • 9 Screenshot gallery
  • 10 FAQ
    • 10.1 What extras do you want to add?
    • 10.2 What date do you think that you can publish the game?
    • 10.3 Are you going to make ONAF1 and OWAF for PTC to after the full release of this game?
    • 10.4 Are you going to port this game to SmileBasic or PTC Big?
    • 10.5 What think that are the controls of this game?
    • 10.6 Are you want to relase this game in 60FPS?
    • 10.7 This game will be conatins jumpscares?
    • 10.8 The game can loads fonts from other games?
  • 11 Credits

First Aplha version*: (?)

(*The release date can ch…

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NintendoFanFever NintendoFanFever 4 September 2015

News about fighters

Hey everyone! it's NintendoFanFever! Here are the announcements:

Fighters v1.0.2 will be out soon!

  • 1.0.2 is now planning to have a "Happy 30th anneversiary"  for mario. This will have a new passcode: "Mario30ANNIV". This passcode will do a celebration and i will give the Text on September 11th (the release of super mario maker).
  • Also, Whenever the sprites come out, i plan to have an update to choose a character. (but... the sprites will take forever.)
  • Well, thank you for reading. those are the annnoncements for Fighters. Have a nice day!
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SlackerPrime SlackerPrime 31 August 2015

and it's still not out

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Indie go games Indie go games 24 August 2015

We Released Puzzlation!

Be released a puzzle game! Be on the lookout in the future for titles like a racing game, a game where you are a reporter, and an animal crossing type game! see you soon, --- Clemveran

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AnswerXOX12 AnswerXOX12 20 August 2015

Give up sometimes

I was working on an RPG for PTC for months, but every new feature, every new attempt to try to debug my program, I just added waaaaaaaay too much in the UI, the battles, etc. It absolutly sucked every time I start over. I try porting DAYNIGHT from the TORCH demo, but it wasn't as easy as appending the program, there was a bunch of goobledygook in the comments. Probably secret code or something, that'll be interesting.

So I changed the RPG mechanics into a practice moving system for my Link's Awakening. Adding a bunch(not yet really) of debug interface on the bottom. But it's turning out quite nicely. Quite honestly, I just stole the Zelda song from Petit Forest. (Tee Hee Hee)

But sometimes, life gives you lemons, and what do we do with it, T…

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Sparkystream Sparkystream 10 August 2015

In my death maybe

Wow, I haven't written a blog post for over a year maybe?

Anyway, while I'm possibly dead..I'll be fixing up some pages maybe.

I may look at ones labelled as candidates for cleanup.

If I successfully clean one or make it at a decent state, please remove the category.

I may not be good at judging what is clean.

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SlackerPrime SlackerPrime 31 July 2015

all these people without accounts

please for all that is holy, make a damn account before you flood wiki activity with your edits

nobody wants to see your IP address jesus

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ShadowFlamingFury ShadowFlamingFury 31 July 2015


I M excited to announce that I am making sort of a text... choose your own adventure game, sort of a spin off of lifeline on the Google play store and app store... I'll keep you guys updated on my progress... and yes I'm accepting co-programming and ideas :-)

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Bluesun1 Bluesun1 23 July 2015

Petit Computer reaches 100,000 sales

"Total Worldwide Sales of the Petit Computer Series have reached 100 thousand! Twenty years ago, who could have guessed that a BASIC machine would sell 100,000 copies in the 21st century. It's a total of all three versions' sales, so repeat buyers have been counted multiple times, though. Thank you, thank you!"

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Monovae Monovae 13 July 2015

go dance mechanics/physics/math

alright, here comes some math. when I was designing my go dance game in the two and a half days of rushing around programming, I needed to come up with a way to get arrows to move across the screen. and, as always, there was only one way to do it: math. I first started with the rate to spit out arrows. my first songs were both at 100 beats/min, and so I needed to find some way to spit them out at 100 a minute. so, in order to find the frequency of the notes(Hz{units/second}), you need to take the beats/min divided by the time, but I needed the period, which is the inverse of frequency, in other words, time/beats/min. so the amount of time that one beat takes up at 100 beats/min is 60/100 which is .6 seconds. but that doesn't do me any good…

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CodeJunkie14 CodeJunkie14 9 July 2015

RSK(Rising Knight)

Hello and welcome to the rising knight blog the game is being developed as im writing this although it is in very beta i will take feature request. Dont worry more info on the game will be posted today stay tuned.

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Smileyer Smileyer 8 July 2015

Requesting an idea for a game

I am planning to make a board/card game for the DS and I need an idea. Please can people respond. I will combine the most popular ideas to make the game. Thank you.

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FlamingPotato FlamingPotato 29 June 2015


I need music

i thought i was going to get music, but the person who was going to make music for me doesn't want to anymore

so can someone please help with my music?

again i'll give you credit and the games QR codes if you help

but please just help me with the music

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Fire1003 Fire1003 29 June 2015

can i ask you something?

i am making a game and i was wondering if anybody was willing to make music for me? because im terrible at making music

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NateDogg1232 NateDogg1232 27 June 2015

Nate OS (NOS)

So, I'm making a OS called Nate OS. What features do you want?

  • File System
  • Multiuser
  • Interchangable shell
  • Multitasking
  • Enhanced API
  • Text printed using CHRSET for easy screenshotting

  • GUI
  • IDE (When SMILEBASIC comes out)

So yeah, Making a new OS. I'm still going to be working on DSi DOS. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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Imadino128 Imadino128 27 June 2015


I have joined the wiki to seek out the opportunity to become the nicest and awesomeness programmer of all (not compitation)

I would appreciate links and resources to games I can use and all that, although I am starting to lose my coding knowledge from the amount of time playing outside and watching gaming videos on the web. Again HELP WANTED. Plz...

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CaptainMcDerp CaptainMcDerp 27 June 2015

Illumanati Comfrimed

Today I found this on the street:

But then I realized it was made by these guys

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Pixel-Voxel Pixel-Voxel 26 June 2015

No really I quit this wiki.

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CaptainMcDerp CaptainMcDerp 25 June 2015


Today was the most devastating mistake

It happened when I tried to load my file when I accidentally overwritten the game "computer jerk" app, it was the most epic fail I've done in petit computer history!

I now am working on another app just like it 


   Game that was accidentaly deleted

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ClassicSonic ClassicSonic 24 June 2015

Mario Maker

Mario Maker is possible on PTC. Some of the PTC Wikis games/apps are similar, in a way:

Platform Editor (Alpha), created by Xeyler

^^^^^^ Level Editor

Onward! Level Editor

and some more, too.

So if anyone could make Mario Maker PTC, i'd be happy to have the game on-the-go, too! (I might make it myself, if I had the tools :P )

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CaptainMcDerp CaptainMcDerp 24 June 2015

My Book

Ever since I joined I this I have made my own personal rating of how I vote other games

The rating thingy:

⭐=what is this sorcery?!?!!?

⭐⭐= ether this guy is part of the illumanti or he's a noon

⭐⭐⭐=Pretty much a good game (or the idea is) or its buggy or dosent do much like it was supposed too

⭐⭐⭐⭐=its a good game but its got a couple of major or minor bugs or it might turn out to be repetitive (excluding apps)

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐= an angel from heaven that was turned into a game or app

And yes, I found a bannana on the side of the road and now its a good friend of mine 🍌⬅my pet bannana 

Today I made a new friends with a chicken 🐔⬅my Co-worker chicken 

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Micalobia Micalobia 23 June 2015

Platformer Engine

I finally got my QR codes for Platformer Engine! Please tell me if there is any bug, and/or if it runs good.

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FlamingPotato FlamingPotato 20 June 2015

Music Please

Hello i am making a game on petit and i am terrible at making music for it

so if someone would help me with the music then i would be very grateful

I would put your name in the credits and even send the game to when i'm done if you want it

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