• Minxrod

    Remaining PTC Projects

    November 7, 2018 by Minxrod

    Guess I'll post something about all the stuff I am working on or need to finish. Might as well figure out what to focus on. (this is more or less a to-do list)

    I still want to finish this - I've been fixing parts of it, but haven't had a great deal of time to focus on this. Right now, the editor is fine, but the gameplay is glitchy and getting it to run at full speed is difficult. If I can solidify the enemy physics, it would actually be very close to done - but I'm struggling getting physics to work correctly.

    I actually have some ideas for my old game - I haven't finalized any of them, but a few new modes and some HUGE optimizations could be added. At some point I would like to create this as a phone game, since the design of it is fairly …

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  • Ddayton

    It's STILL Alive!

    October 13, 2017 by Ddayton

    Great news -- you folks are getting along just well without me.

    Back to not programming...

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  • Desaeta

    Basic Test Megadump

    June 12, 2017 by Desaeta

    Throughout my time of using Petit Computer, I've learned plenty of things, many of which have been invaluable to later projects. Sometimes, I put these things into practice through tiny little tests that I'll never release. But sometimes, I make bigger, more ambitious, tests. These may never become fully developed games at my own hands, but maybe somebody else can take over or use the code for their own purposes.

    These projects deviate from my standard Desaeta License that I apply to all of my completed projects. All of these are completely free for you to use. I could care less if you call these your own and try to make people pay for them (even if I have no idea what you could gain from doing such a thing). If you want to credit me after …

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  • JokerTheDog

    I've actually done a lot, but nothing ultimately impressive. I DO, however, have some ideas I might try.

    (BOLD - Working on it now!)

    (Italicized - maybe, maybe not...)

    (Normal - suggested in comments!)

    • Wing Commander PTC
    • Demo for an RPG I'm working on (will release soon!!!!!)
    • A maze game
    • A really, really sad visual novel
    • Final Fantasy I PTC

    Do you like my list? Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do? Comment!!

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  • Jack Akkiarto

    RPG Editor Part 4

    January 23, 2017 by Jack Akkiarto

    Just a short update on how everything is going so far.

    There are still some difficulties combinig the different parts.

    Right now there are a lot of unexpected errors combining the map editor with the quest system, so it is easy to define a trigger area for various events.

    So it will probably need like between one or two months until the first video will be released, showing the possibilities of the different program parts.

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  • J8B

    Hi, it's J8B,

    I'm working on a project called "Virtual Bébête" for Petit Computer.
    The principle of the game is a sort of a virtual pet/sim's life, so it will be very long to finish.
    A lot of mini games are planned to win money or study or find love...
    There are 9 places to visit that have each 4 rooms.
    For the moment, i made all the moves in the different places, you can pee, take a bath, play two card's games at home(one of them is poker), you can go to the casino and play a sort of craps, roulette and poker(same at home) and bet money.
    Actually, i work on the first job of the casino, which consists of interrogating 3 suspects to find the one who cheated at the games.

    For fun, i draw this cover:

    For screenshoots: click here
    Official page (in Fre…

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  • Jack Akkiarto

    RPG Editor Part 3

    November 7, 2016 by Jack Akkiarto

    A few information about how the Editor works:

    Control: The character is controlled with a gcircle drawn on the touch panel to achieve more directions of movement.The buttons are used to switch weapons and use items or skills, to roll or to aim (with range skills)

    {This is connected to the skill and item database}

    Item: Here you can configure the Item with picture,the color, the rotation, the parameters influenced by the item, buffs or debuffs,values, stacks and some more.

    {buffs and debuffs are connected to the skill database}

    Skill: Parameters for the skills are picture,color,rotation,animation with animationspeed, skill range, flying speed if ranged, hitbox, cost, buffs and debuffs,hitanimation, damage, cooldowns, requirements etc.

    {here we ha…

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  • Jack Akkiarto

    RPG Editor Part 2

    October 20, 2016 by Jack Akkiarto

    I have finished the open world map System,it uses scred files, so you have no endless loading time in or before the game.

    The problem is that it uses a lot of scr files, so it means a lot of download work, but it is pretty easy to append a screen on the left or right side or wherever you want in the map, so make a dlc or a new map part for a sidequest for example should be very easy.

    I am also going on connecting different data bases.

    For exampls you have one program to define skills with hitbox, animation, damage, etc. and one program where you can make data for an enemy, but now you can connect the ability to the enemy.

    I also made this with items and quests.

    I will probably release a demo part to show how it looks like and how it will work.

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  • Jack Akkiarto

    RPG Editor

    August 28, 2016 by Jack Akkiarto

    Short announcement,

    i am working on a RPG Editor right now.

    More infos and some screenshots following soon.

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  • Redstonehighway

    I want to make a time variable for my games, for example you can buy 3 drinks from a vending machine a day. How can I make to where you have to wait tomorrow to buy 3 more drinks. Please tell me the lines of code

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