General Info
Genre(s): ""
Contributor(s): Ganbaru-Takkyubu (I hope I did that right!)
Release Date: ""
Development Status: Final coming soon
Version: Alpha
Size: ""
Mode(s): One-User
Language(s): Japanese

A smartphone type operating system from the Japanese Wiki!

NOTE: replace line 74 with USERNAME$="(whateveryouwant)"

And delete line 75, make sure you save too.

It looks very neat and professional

(except for "degital clock").

Lumage's attempted instruction

Thank you Lumage!

Press (A) to bring up the menu, where you can select subprograms to use:

Clock: A digital clock appears in the top left corner.  Press (B) to exit.

Echo: I think it repeats what you type.  After it Echos, Press (A) for again and (B) to exit.

Memo: Umm, you can type something and then... I have no idea.

HandMemo: you can draw on the touchscreen. X to clear, B to quit.

SKI: A simple game where you try to ski down a snowy mountain with the D-Pad while trying to avoid trees.

DegINV /'-'\: Uhh press (A) when prompted and a letter appears and grows in size.  Press the corresponding letter on the keyboard before it gets to full size or you lose.

Paint: A simple drawing program that allows saving.  What's nice is that the background of the top screen shows the current color.

Kune x2: A game where you control a line with the up button and try to hit the small platform on the other side.

Terminal: Allows you to type in function names. Type HELP for full list.

CALC: First, input first number, second, input second number, third, select operator.

ORGAPP: All I know is that it wants you to put in some kind of number.

SETTING: (A) brings up some text and then goes to home screen [R] makes it say panic(?) and freeze. Up makes it ask a yes or no question, not sure what. Answering (B) (no) causes it to say PRG:FTOSBA4 not found. (B) exits as usual.

SCLOCK: Locks your screen as if it were an iPhone

EXEC: Type the name of a program and it executes it.

SHTDWN: Ends the program after a brief animation.

REBOOT: Starts the program again. Duh.

ScreenShots by Ganbaru-Takkyubu

  • HOME
  • SKI GAmE
  • LockScreen
  • CHR



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CHR Files you'll Visit look at SPS Files.there are IOS7mod CHR and WIndowsPhone_mod etc...

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Ganbaru-Takkyubu (がんばる卓球部)