Indications are, ASC in SmileBasic V1 is identical to that in V2.


ASC(string) returns a numerical value corresponding to the first character of the string. Where the first character is a common one, e.g. a number, letter, or punctuation symbol, this is the same as the ASCII code number (except, ASC("\") evaluates to 127, not 92). Where the first character is a graphics symbol or a kana symbol, this is a number given to the symbol by SmileBoom (see the Character Table).

ASC("") (with an empty string) gives a Syntax error.

The opposite of ASC is CHR$; the result of ASC(CHR$(A)) is A (as long as it's an integer between 0 and 255 inclusive), and the result of CHR$(ASC(A$)) is the first character of A$ (as long as it's not empty).


No information on SmileBasic V3.